Participatory communication: Dialogue Map 2018-12-14T19:12:36+01:00

Participatory communication Dialogue-Map® is a communication methodology used to generate trust, to reduce uncertainty and to enhance commitment towards the organization´s strategic decisions: with a high impact, a low cost and a high speed deployment.

  • Strategic plan: It will succeed in transmitting clearly the strategic aims and the main action plans, getting everyone involved in it. How do I contribute to the success of the plan?
  • Change Management: It will help to reduce uncertainty conveying with clarity the strategic sense of change, what justifies it or what the implications are, achieving with it a positive and constructive attitude. “How do I contribute to the success of the plan?
  • Culture and values: It will transmit what the values are, what they are for and how they affect me, generating the necessary commitment. “How do I contribute to the implementation of the culture and values?”
  • Other situations: RSC– Dialogues with groups of interest, New Products, Strategic Projects, Equality plan, Implementation of SAP…

Dialogue-map® creates a ‘significant space of conversation’using visual supports of high impact that allows the presentation to complex concepts in a very straightforward way.

Dialogue-map® offers the possibility of reaching a great number of people (over 25.000 people in one month), in a quick, effective and economical way. 

Organizing in chain on site sessions, with dialogues in small groups (5 to 7 people), directed by an internal invigorator. Groups will be seated around a graphic support, with a scheduled time (2-3 hours), in rooms from 1 to 1000 groups of people simultaneously, and subsequently gathering the contributions and commitments of the groups via web.