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Dialogue map®

Participatory communication

Dialogue-map®is a methodology of strategic communication to buid trust,  reduce uncertainty and strengthen employees’ commitment with the strategic decisions of the organization: hight impact, low cost, high speed.

In which situations it will be useful

  • Deployment of Strategic Plan: it will convey clearly strategic goals and priority action lines, thereby achieving the involvement of all employees: “How do I contribute to the success of the plan?”
  • Chance Management: it will reduce uncertainty conveying clearly the strategic direction of change, what the reasons (for change) are or what its implications iare, thereby achieving a positive and constructive attitude “how do I contribute to the success of the change?”
  • Culture and values: it will convey what the values are​​, why they are sueful and how they impact me, thereby generating the necessary commitment, “How do I contribute to the implementation of the culture and values?”
  • Other situations: CSR – Dialogues with stakeholders, New ProductsStrategic Projects, Equality Plan, SAP Implementation

What is so innovative about Dialogue-map®

Dialogue-map® creates a “meaningful conversation space” using high impact visuals that explain very simply plans or concepts regardless its complexity.

Dialogue-map®  allows you to reach quickly, effectively and inexpensively a large number of people (25,000 people in a month).

How we do it?

We organise a cascade of small group dialogues (5 to 7 people), led by an internal facilitator. Employees sit around a graphic support with a tight schedule (2-3 hours). You can invite 10  to 1000 groups at a time, and all contributions and commitments of the groups are collected online.


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