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e-Map Attitudes® is a highly innovative methodology developed by e-Motiva that has revolutionized traditional work climate surveys. The relevance of its results position it on the Senior Management´s priority agendas due to its high strategic value, as well as for its ability to define high impact action plans.

An overview of the extent of your team´s alignment with the strategy of your organization, as a basis for identifying the best levers to strengthen their commitment:

  • A strategic map of the attitudinal positionings of the staff towards the challenges posed by the organization: from the most enthusiastic commitment to the most negative attitudes, going through favourable but critical positionings or totally sceptical attitudes facing any top Management decisions.
  • Specific high impact action plans, regarding the different types of positioning’s.
  • A benchmark of the organization´s current situation, in comparison to our own data base based on the market.
Traditional climate surveys are focused on “topics” (such as salary, leadership, communication…) and their analysis is based on the tabulation and segmentation comparisons.

E-map Attitudes® also does this, but it is also “people-centered”. Its analysis consists in identifying attitudinal positioning as a basis to generate high impact action plans.

In practice, the effort required by the Company is similar to the one applied for a conventional climate survey, obtaining from that same effort unique and differential results, of high strategic value for the Management.